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I was recommended to Corrective Skincare by my cousin 3 months before my wedding day. I was completely covered with acne , scars and had struggle for many many years. I have tried lots of products even went to several Dermatologist and nothing worked. After seeing this wonderful young lady, my face started clearing up and looking so healthy and clean. I was so amazed!!!

She promised me that my face would be cleared before my wedding date (I wasn't to sure) but IT DID !!!!!!! Of course, I had to followed all of her instructions and use the product correctly and religiously. I started with just 2 products she recommended and till this day I still use the same 2 products. She has never tried to push me into purchasing anything extra. (she's very good into not pushing anything that is not necessary)

I've been going to her for almost 6 years and I don't regret it at all!!!!. I am shocked and surprised to hear such a big lie about Corrective Skincare... This young lady with her wonderful hands and products did miracle to my face and self esteem... Thank you so much!!!!

I can tell you that I have been a die hard fan of this establishment for 7years. Not only have I seen the best results of my "acne career" since Accutane, Acupuncture, Proactive and MANY OTHERS, but I have recommended Corrective Skin Care to my family, friends and my clients. I have never once worried that ANYONE would have anything but a "breakthrough" experience and relief of a condition that has caused me to miss out on so much of my life. I am always taken back when the owner talks me out of buying unnecessary product ( clearly she is taking money out of her own pocket by this) but it makes me realize her honesty, and that is something I admire.She is easy to talk to, available, accommodating, and thorough. AND her extractions are always scar free...unlike the marks YOU leave on your own face after attempting to do it yourself. Please don't take another second of your time to find a skin care facility ...this place is nothing short of the best. It is real, simple and what more are you looking for?

After going to a well known ""medical spa clinic"" monthly for well over 2 years, with thousands of dollars spent, and little to no results, I decided to try out Corrective Skin Care when i received a deal on Living Social, and WOW am I happy I did. It's been a little under a month now, and my skin has done a complete 180. Not only has Jen gotten rid of 95% of my acne, but she also has gotten rid of most of my pigmentation too. She is very thorough in her process and very knowledgeable about skin. She always explains why and what she is doing and how it will effect you in the coming days and weeks. The best part of it all, is that she tailors your facials and home regimen to YOUR skin. And if you decide not to buy any of her products, she'll help you come up with a good regimen using your existing ones. Although, I don't know why you wouldn't, because all of the products and services she offers are very affordable.

Jen is not only only the best esthetician I've ever been to, she is also incredibly nice and extremely accommodating. I will say that the only regret I have, is not going to Corrective Skin Care sooner.

This clinic is more of a safe haven! Corrective Skincare is a very friendly and non-judgmental place regardless of how your skin is and what you want done. My experience with this place started in a state of desperation and confusion. Jennifer examined the state I was in and gave me a very professional advice and solution to battle my acne. After my first session I felt an overwhelming feeling of relief. The clinic is very sterile, clean, and professional, with a "homey" sense. Jennifer adds on to this by actually investing in her patients/clients- after my sessions she would always check up on me. Not many people take the time these days to make sure patients are happy. It's something I really appreciated and always made me feel like she really cared about me. I highly recommend this Corrective Skincare if you want to treat acne, discoloration, eczema, and anything else, really! A very professional place with great results!

I've been going to Corrective Skincare for close to 11 years and the help I received there changed my life. I had bad cystic acne and scarring;both have cleared up and I have stayed clear by using the topical medications and getting treatments every once in a while. (She is also the least pushy salesperson! She has tried to convince me NOT to get things that I wanted...) In any case, sure, the extractions don't feel wonderful, but they don't claim to be ""massaging relaxing facials"".

She comes up with a personalized program specifically for you, that only works if you follow it...I've paid $55 for treatments but I would have paid so much more to have the confidence I have now that my skin is clear. Prior to Corrective Skincare, I had gone to many dermatologists & facial spa treatments, taking various antibiotics, spending ridiculous amounts of money. I have recommended her to many family members, friends & colleagues...all of them have been pleased and extremely satisfied. Her professionalism and skill are amazing!

...oh and by the way, I'm one of the before and after photos...Corrective Skincare cleared my skin and I'm grateful. No one ever believes I ever had an acne problem. I will continue to recommend Corrective Skincare & use her products, as well as continue my treatments.Thank you Corrective Skincare! "

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Corrective Skincare on Yelp

Absolutely loved it. she didn't pressure me to buy anything but instead really made me feel like she wanted to help me with my skin. for that reason, i will definitely be back

My experience at Corrective Skincare LA was awesome! Jennifer was extremely knowledgeable and patient. She is a dedicated professional who cares about her client's skin and well-being. Her honesty and integrity is what I admired most. I will definitely return!

Jennifer was very informative and was not annoyed by my questions regarding the techniques she was applying. Not only did she take care of my skin, she was honest and provided me with education to better take care of my skin myself. She had a very calming energy and was friendly. I will definitely visit her again and will refer her to my friends and colleagues.

I love that you are not forced into buying products from her. She's willing to work with you with what products your comfortable in. She made my visit feel to stressful and learned lots of stuff from her. Very informative and very easy to talk to! I definitely enjoyed my visit there today! Thank you!

Jennifer is a wealth of information, giving great advice and coming from a place of sincere concern. She is warm yet professional and I would not think twice when referring friends and family to Corrective Skincare.